About Us

We are a small firm of dedicated commercial solicitors based in North West London, near Notting Hill, undertaking commercial, property and litigation services. Each of our lawyers has at least ten years' post qualification experience gained in respected City or West End law firms.  We are therefore able to offer the highest quality of legal advice at local prices.  We also believe that the solicitor with whom you meet should also be responsible for undertaking your work, rather than passing it on to a team of trainee or junior lawyers, as is common in many larger firms.

We offer competitive hourly charging rates and/or fixed retainers, depending on the work type involved and will be happy to provide a quote for any matter you would like to discuss.

In addition, we offer a specialist external "in house" service.  For start-ups and small to medium sized businesses, the challenge of attracting and retaining in-house lawyers with sufficient expertise at a reasonable cost can be daunting, if not impossible. Obtaining these services from law firms is obviously an option, but someone inside the company, who knows its needs and how to manage the lawyers, needs to remain involved - a task that takes time away from other responsibilities. However, the failure to pay close attention to legal and compliance issues is a risk that is too great to take. To solve this difficult problem, The Law Department was formed to bridge the gap between having the overhead of a dedicated in-house team and the uncertainty and expense of external law firms - giving our clients the option to choose between one-off or ongoing services appropriate to their needs.

In today's environment, managing legal risks is vital, not just for success but also for business survival. To avoid being caught unprepared, managers must understand how to balance competitive and business pressures against legal and reputational risk. Drawing on our expertise in relevant areas of law, our knowledge of industry practice, as well as our experience finding real solutions to individual business problems, The Law Department will help you accomplish your goals while minimising your risks.

In the 24/7 world we live in, businesses need a law firm that is flexible and can pick up work at a moment’s notice. The unique set up of The Law Department allows this and gives our clients the confidence that their issue will be dealt with in a timely and effective manner.