Confidential Information

Confidential Information can be vital to the success and growth of a business and it needs protecting. Therefore, it is critical that all those interacting with your business together with your employees and consultants are contractually bound to treat all such information confidentially.

The law acts to provide protection for confidential information and it is well established that an individual who has received information in confidence cannot take unfair advantage of it and cannot disclose that information or make use of it for any purpose other than that for which he has authority. It will not always be clear if information is in fact confidential as considered by law but the general rule is that to be protected, the information must be confidential in nature and be disclosed in circumstances importing an obligation of confidence.

The types of information that a court may well consider to be confidential include financial and statistical information, customer lists, plans, sketches and drawings, business plans and methods, computer programs and improvements to products or processes.

We have considerable experience of drafting confidentiality agreements and contracts of employment to protect your legal position. If confidential information is under threat, we can obtain injunctions from the court that will protect your confidential information.