Today, more than ever, it is vital for a person to prepare a valid will. There are many benefits to having a will drawn up by a solicitor as it avoids many of the pitfalls that can occur after someone’s death. These include:

  • A person can set out in their own will how they wish for their money and property to be distributed on their demise. The person can provide for one’s partner, relatives and friends, as well as any charities they wish to be remembered in their will. 
  • If no will exists, then their assets are distributed in accordance with the laws of intestacy, which many not be how the deceased had wished for their property to be distributed. Furthermore, the laws on intestacy cannot cater for charitable donations.
  • A will can also create a guardianship for children in the event that both parents pass away.
  • Writing a will can be an effective method of tax planning as we can advise how best to structure your costs.

At the Law Department we can also provide help and advice on the following topics related to Wills:

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