Company Secretarial Services

We can provide a full range of outsourced company secretarial services. The main services that we provide include:

Registered Office

A company must at all times have a registered office at which documents may be served.

Clients can use our office as the registered address of their company. We will forward any mail received to your designated contact and filter out any obvious "junk" mail so that only genuine business correspondence is sent on to you.

Company Secretarial Support

Private companies are no longer required to appoint a company secretary, however, the tasks for which a company secretary would be responsible still remain. In the absence of a company secretary, this responsibility passes to the company's directors.

Our company secretarial support service leaves you free to concentrate on running your business as we take care of the most routine tasks and help you to make sure that the company complies with its obligations.

  •  Maintaining statutory registers of the company
  •  Preparing and filing the annual return
  •  Documentation for the appointment and resignation of officers
  •  Notifying the company of accounts filing deadlines

We store each company's statutory information electronically and we submit the more common Companies House forms for filing by an electronic e-filing service.

In addition we have a corporate entity that can be appointed as secretary of your company, enabling us to sign certain documents on your behalf.

Company Formations

We have the facility to supply all types of companies on a bespoke basis including private, public, LLPs and companies limited by guarantee. We also maintain a stock of ready-made companies that may be tailored to suit your requirements.

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